Grund & Riesterer Architects, Inc. provides a complete range of architecture and interior design services to a diverse client base. We are dedicated to a standard of excellence that enables us to produce high quality architecture through functionally efficient, inventive design combined with practical construction. Our main goal is the uncompromised and complete satisfaction of each and every client.

This goal is successfully realized because of our strong commitment to collaboration with clients, consultants, contractors and other professionals. It is this interaction that allows us to clearly define the problem, explore original solutions, utilize sound construction methods and address every detail from initial consultation to project completion.

Basic Services

Basic Architectural Services - Development of the project requirements, design solutions, preparation of contract documents including construction drawings and specifications, advice in the selection and contractual relationship of a general contractor, and construction administration of the contract for new buildings, restorations and renovations.Building Evaluation & Inspection - Inspection of existing buildings and recorded observations of the same for financial institutions and building owners to determine project feasibility.

Evaluation of Construction Documents - A thorough review of construction contract documents utilizing the "Readi-Check" drawing check system. This system emphasizes an inter-disciplinary approach to drawing review to determine contradictions, discrepancies, impossibilities and inconsistencies in architectural, structural and all mechanical disciplines. This review will determine completeness of the documents and an initial understanding of potential change orders.

Construction Administration - Site visits at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction to become familiar with the progress and quality of the work completed and to determine if said work when complete is being performed in accordance with the contract documents. Also included, in general, is the review of submittals, review and certification of applications for payment, rejection of non-conforming work and interpretation of the contract documents.

Design Build Services - Direct contractual relationship to a design-build firm. As the design force, our connection to the prime is just as another sub-contractor. Simplicity of composition is the principal advantage to the owner as all responsibility is clearly directed to a single company.

Feasibility Studies - Development of master plans including schematic building designs, site plans and environmental studies to assist owners in analyzing the viability of proposed projects.

Interior Design - Space planning, design and selection of systems, furnishings and finishes, custom furnishing design as well as the procurement of the furnishings, finishes, fixtures and equipment.

Master Planning - The design of the site plan, building massing, landscaping, traffic system and utility infrastructure to accommodate orderly future growth.

Owner Representation - Review of construction documents, specifications, contracts, and schedules; site visits to determine if the work is being performed in accordance with the contract documents; participation in pencil-copy and payout meetings; review of applications for payment; adherence with construction schedule; review of changes in work and review of change orders.

Programming - Analysis of the clients' operations to determine space needs, environmental standards, adjacencies and optimal traffic patterns. Inventory of existing furnishings can be completed as part of this phase if required.

Promotion/Fund Raising Support - Development of graphic, written and verbal support for fund-raising and public relations campaigns.

Site Evaluation and Analysis - Analysis of the existing conditions including climate, ecology, site adjacencies, topography, noise, traffic, views/site lines, landscaping, utility requirements, zoning requirements and evaluation of existing and proposed structures.

Specification Preparation - Development of a written description of the work that accurately describes with sufficient particularity the construction drawings and other contractual obligations. Specifications are prepared following the latest "Masterspec" format and have equal priority as they are produced concurrently with the drawings.

Technical Consultation - Investigation, evaluation and recommended action of various technical construction problems including, but not limited to, masonry failures, differential structural movements, water infiltration and moisture condensation.

Standard Architectural Services For Commercial Clients

Grund & Riesterer Architects, Inc. provides all services listed in the current AIA standard Owner / Architect Agreement.
Those that are most important or in addition to the standard agreement are listed below.

  • A written code and zoning analysis.
  • A physical review of the intended site.
  • Development of a written program of needs and requirements.
  • Architect/Owner review of design and construction alternatives.
  • Preparation of Schematic Design Documents based upon the approved program and project requirements. This will include freehand sketch plans, elevations and perspectives.
  • Preparation of Design Development Documents for budget pricing. This includes, but is not limited to, site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections and an outline specification.
  • If required, submissions to local "design review" committees and participation at those meetings.
  • Based upon approved Design Development Drawings, Architect will prepare Construction Documents consisting of Drawings and Specifications. This includes, but is not limited to, a site plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections and exterior details, stair drawings, interior elevations and details and a project manual (written specifications).
  • Meet with Interior Designer, if one is retained, as necessary to integrate her/his requirements into the Construction documents.
  • Architect will advise the Owner of potential General Contractors and secure and review all bid proposals from same.
  • Architect will assist the General Contractor with the preparation of necessary documents to secure necessary permits as required by government agencies.
  • Review draft of Owner/Contractor Agreement.
  • Depending on the level of construction activity, perform weekly on-site observations of the progress and quality of the Work to determine in general that the Work is being executed in accordance with the Contract Documents.
  • Issuance of clarification documents typically required.
  • Review of shop drawings and submittals.
  • Review and verification of Applications for Payment with recommendations for disposition.
  • Receive and review requests for changes in the Work by the Contractor, those that do not affect the cost and those that increase or decrease the project cost.
  • Review the impact of changes to the Work on the construction schedule.
  • Review and verification of the actual costs associated with changes in the Work and recommendations.
  • Prepare the list of items to be completed or corrected (punch list). Review and approve completed punch list work.
  • Assist the Owner with inspections to determine the date of Substantial Completion. Issue Substantial Completion certificate.

Building Types

  • Commercial & Corporate
  • Institutional
  • Interiors
  • Office Buildings
  • Renovation
  • Residential
  • Facade & Critical Inspections